Dell EqualLogic – Moving the Management Interface to OOB Network

I ran into a couple of problems when trying to migrate the management interfaces on our Dell EqualLogic SANs to our new Out-of-Bounds Management Network. The problems were 1) the web interface doesn’t let you do it and 2) trying to do it on the console resulted in errors to the effect of  “you can’t do this because the management network needs to be on the same network as the interface”. Not a good situation to be in. So I called Dell Tech Support and they were able to do it easily, of course.

It turns out that you need to remove the management network entirely, before you can migrate it to the OOB or other network. Here\’s how.

First, connect to the SAN’s console port (I won\’t go into how to do that here, if you don’t know how already, you probably shouldn\’t be doing this).

The default username and password for EqualLogic SANS are grpadmin for both the username and the password

Shutoff the management network:

grpname> grpparams management-network ipaddress none

Next, find the SAN member(s) by issuing the following command:

grpname> member show

Set the ip address(es) of the management interface(s) (repeat for each group member, replacing the IP Address and Netmask as appropriate):

Now, connect to one of the group members:

grpname> member select MEMBER_NAME
grpname> eth select 2 ipaddress netmask
grpname> eth show

Now configure and turn on the management network

grpname> grpparams management network ipaddress
grpname> management-network show

NOTE: The eth show and management-network show commands are really unnecessary, but they do let you ensure that the changes have taken.

I hope this helps.

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