About Michael Risser Photography

Michael Risser Photography is dedicated to creating beautiful images through an amazing customer experience. What all this really means is that it‘s all about you. The goal is to create beautiful images that showcase who you are; not just what you look like. It‘s all about you. Anyone can walk in to one of the big photo studio chains and get some good photos of what they look like. I want people to see who you are through the images that we create, together.

Here‘s how it works. I sit down with you and ask you some questions that will help me to better understand the person that you are, and then I really listen to what you have to say. It‘s kind of like interviewing some big Hollywood Star; the major difference here is that you are the star. It‘s all about you. During the interview, I‘ll toss out some quick ideas for photos that show you and get your feedback, whether you like the concept or not. You won‘t hurt my feelings if you say you don‘t like an idea, remember, this isn‘t about me, it‘s all about you.

Between the interview and the day of the scheduled photo shoot, I'll flesh out the ideas that you've said you like. And keep my mind open to new ideas as well.

During the photo shoot, we‘ll work through those ideas, creating some amazing images that showcase who you are. But those ideas aren‘t set in stone; situations change and give us new ideas to work with. Maybe it's the way the light just happens to be poking through the clouds and dancing on the water, maybe it's a light breeze, maybe it‘s some random object. Whatever it is, I try to stay alert to new possibilities that will give you some amazing photos.

After the shoot comes the culling and editing process. This is where I go through all of the images that were taken, selecting the ones that best represent who you are. I‘ll then tweak the colors, if necessary, maybe do a little light retouching, fixing a stray hair, hiding a temporary blemish, etc. During this time I‘ll also schedule our next meeting.

This is the one where we sit down together and look through the images and you decide which ones you want printed, packaged for the web, etc. Then comes a final round of touchups, to get the photos read for print and/or online use. Those that are to be printed get sent off to the printer, those that are to go online get optimized for use on the web.

When all the images are ready I‘ll deliver them right to your door.

About Michael Risser

Michael is the son of a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant. Growing up Michael was fortunate enough to spend 4 years in Germany, while his Dad was stationed there. That‘s also where Michael was introduced to photography, when his Dad gave him his first camera.

Michael graduated from Southern Wayne Sr. High School in Dudley, NC in 1987. After graduation he spent several years working different jobs, trying to decide what he wanted to do with his life.

Michael joined the Alaska Air National Guard in 1991 and left the Air Guard in 1997. It was during this period that the dream of opening his own photography studio began to form.

Michael now lives in Lake Havasu City, AZ, with his amazing teenage daughter, where Michael realized his dream, and opened Michael Risser Photography.